Where is my Amazon Baby Registry Link?

How do I find my baby registry URL?

Click your name on the top right hand side of your registry to access the account drop down menu > Settings > Registry Info. Scroll down until you see “Registry URL.”

How do I copy a link to my Amazon registry?

Share Your List

  1. Go to Your Lists.
  2. Choose the relevant list and select + Invite.
  3. Choose one of the following options: View only: Anyone with a link can view your list without making changes. …
  4. Copy the link, or select Invite by email.

Where is the Share Your Registry button on Amazon?

To share your list: Go to your Wedding Registry. Go to Menu and select Share Your Wedding Registry. Select how you want to share it.

How do you share your baby registry?

To share your Baby Registry:

  1. Go to your Baby Registry.
  2. Select Share from the top navigation menu. A link to your registry will be available, along with buttons to share on various social networks.
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How do I send a link to my Babylist registry?

Go to the menu bar (at the top left side of your screen) and select Registry > Partner Info. Simply enter their information and we’ll send them an invite so they can manage the registry alongside you.

How do I find my Amazon wishlist link?

How do I find my Amazon Wish List URL?

  1. Log in to your Amazon.com account and find the Wish List option located under the “Account & Lists” tab.
  2. Click the Share link at the top of your wish list page.
  3. Copy the Wish List Link shown into your Punchbowl event.

How do I shorten my Amazon registry link?

The path portion of Amazon short URLs is made of random digits and alphabets but if you wish, you can also use a more memorable string as a short URL. Here’s how: Go to bit.ly and sign-in using your Facebook or Twitter account. Next paste any Amazon URL into the text box and hit the Shorten button.

How do I add someone else to my Amazon baby registry?

To give a co-registrant permission to view and edit your Baby Registry when logged into their own Amazon.com account:

  1. Go to your Baby Registry.
  2. Select View Your Registry.
  3. Select Registry Settings.
  4. Select Add a co-registrant.
  5. Enter a valid email address for your co-registrant.
  6. Select Save Changes.

How do I add a friend to my Amazon Prime account?

To share your Amazon Prime benefits:

  1. Visit Your Amazon Prime Membership.
  2. Locate the Share your Prime Benefits section.
  3. Select Manage Your Household.
  4. Enter the name and email address of the person you want to share benefits with.
  5. Select Continue. …
  6. Review the terms.
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How do I share my Amazon wish list with my phone?

Share your Amazon wish list on your mobile app (iPhone or Android)

  1. Open the Amazon app on your phone or tablet.
  2. Tap the bottom-right menu.
  3. Choose “Your Lists”.
  4. Tap on “Invite to List”.
  5. Choose between the “View Only” and “View and Edit” options.
  6. Choose how to share the list.

How do I find gift list on Amazon?

Go to Amazon.com and sign in to your account. Now, hover over the “Account & Lists” entry at the top, then click on “Your Lists.” Select the “Your Friends” tab. You should see the lists of friends that have shared their lists with you.

How do I link my target registry to Amazon?

Add Items to Your Lists or Registries from Other Websites

  1. Go to Amazon Assistant.
  2. Select Install Now and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Go to an item you want on another website.
  4. Select the Amazon Assistant button and open Your Lists.
  5. Select Add to Your List.

How long is Amazon registry?

Amazon totally understands and gives you a full 90 days to make free returns of the items on your registry. Plus, you don’t have to drive to a store and return it; you simply have to ship the box back.